"We make still by the law in which we're made." --JRR Tolkien

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

N's story or The Ugly Girl

About two years ago I had just started working on my Lord Circus dolls. We were up in Connecticut visiting family, and my niece, who was just five at the time, loved the dolls. I sat sewing at the sewing machine one afternoon, and behind me I heard this story unfold:

Once upon a time, there were three beautiful girls.

They told the ugly girl she had to go away.

The beautiful girls were in love with the boy.

 The End

That is where the story ended, but I always wondered who the boy was looking at . . .

 . . .
: )

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Does Anyone Remember This . . .

I loved this book when I was a child! First of all, I love the doll herself. I think she is beautiful. And I am totally amazed at how she has the same expression at all times, it's painted on, but for some reason she evokes a different emotion in each photograph or scene. I wonder if it is because it's such a hunting expression to begin with. That is to say, it is an expression with a lot of feeling behind it, and the scene gives meaning to the ambiguous expression.

She is also a beautifully shaped doll. I think this makes her poses believable and something we can "live in to" quite easily.

I think the black and white photos give the whole thing a quiet and melancholy feeling. Apparently the story is based somewhat on Wright's life. She had a pretty neglected childhood.

                               I like that even though she is naughty,

                                         and gets punished,

                                         They are still friends in the end.