"We make still by the law in which we're made." --JRR Tolkien

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Begining.

The past year, in which I have been absent in this space, but wondering and making elsewhere, has added another dimension to the questions that started this blog. In trying to define my purpose elsewhere, I realized that I never really defined my question. I guess it goes something like this:

Are we acting in God's image when we make things?

Is it worthwhile and GOOD to make things? If we are created beings, why is it that we want to make things ourselves? Do we participate in divinity when we create? Are we remembering a hidden part of ourselves when we rearrange the matter we have been given to make something that has never been seen before? Are the things we make sort of permanent in the eternal hereafter, even though the earthly representatives disintegrate after a short time?

I imagine that there are lengthy philosophical answers to these questions, and while I am interested in those answers, I am also interested in the artistic expression of these questions that I have encountered along the way. I hope to continue collecting stories and experiences that address these questions, and to mull them over as I make my own creations.